Furinno Living Room SET Sims 4 CC

Furinno Living Room SET

Hello. I am very happy to create one of these sets for you again. I currently don’t have the time I had before for my creations, however, I found some time on my vacation and created this for you.
The Set Contains The Following 13 ítems:

  • [AS4] FURINNO Armchair
  • [AS4] FURINNO Coffee table
  • [AS4] FURINNO End table
  • [AS4] FURINNO Floor lamp
  • [AS4] FURINNO Gift box V1
  • [AS4] FURINNO Gift box V2
  • [AS4] FURINNO Loveseat
  • [AS4] FURINNO Ornament plant support
  • [AS4] FURINNO Ornament plant
  • [AS4] FURINNO Ornament swan
  • [AS4] FURINNO TV floor stand V1
  • [AS4] FURINNO TV screen
  • [AS4] FURINNO Wall mount shelf

You can combine the plant support with any other plant pot and other decorative item that fits into it.

Author: Alejo_Sims4
Learn more at: patreon.com

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