Modest Swimwear By Pizazz Sims 4 CC

Modest Swimwear By Pizazz

Sims 4 Modest Swimwear

Modest Swimwear Swimsuit for your sims 4 game.

image above was taken in game so that you can see how it will look while you play. Pic only shows 2 of 07 different styles of the Modest Swimwear

Base game
07 colors / swatches

Filesize: 1 MB

Type: Outfits

Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh

Polycount LOD 0 (highest): 6403

Polycount LOD 1: 3636

Polycount LOD 2: 2137

Polycount LOD 3 (lowest): 856

Author: pizazz

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