Dani Denims In OLD Money By Madameria Sims 4 CC

Dani Denims In OLD Money By Madameria

I fell out of love with the original palette my Dani Denims came in about .02 seconds after posting them, and when @sforzcc posted Old Money, I knew I wanted to use their palette for a recolor. I’ve been putting it off for ever, but since Sforz posted their recolor of their Dream Jeans, I figured I’d jump on the wagon.

I’ve said it before, but the original palette I used for the Dani Denims ended up being waaaay too saturated when paired with my ReShade presets. I am eternally thankful to sforz and their keen eye for color.
I also took the opportunity to try to improve on the normal map. The originals have a super crunchy map because, well, normal maps are still a mystery to me. I think a subtler touch is better, but then I feel like it doesn’t make enough of a difference. But at least now the white swatch doesn’t look like the moon!

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